About Us


We believe in satisfying our customers, and we work hard to make sure that you're completely happy with what we do. Our reputation is built on solid customer service.

Your home is your castle, however castles and homes alike need maintenance. One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your home inside and out is to keep the paint relatively fresh. It is equally important to hire the right people to apply the paint. At Tampa House Painting Company We take exceptional  care of our customers and pay attention to the details in our work.


We aim for 100% satisfaction. It is not always possible since the world is not a perfect place. However we try to achieve the highest level of quality that the situation will allow. Know matter what the job is, we aim for perfection.

It is not only our goal to do the painting perfect. We want to make the experience for you as easy and pleasant as possible. We do that with friendly staff who can communicate well with you while maintaining a strong painting work ethic.

When we do awesome work, you leave us good reviews and you tell your friends.

Therefore it’s in our best interest to make the project go smoothly till the end.


 Our Painters

We hire and train our painters not only to be good painters but to believe in our company culture of taking care of the customer first . From the top of the company down we preach customer satisfaction and work ethic. By taking care of the customer they take care of themselves and the families they support.  Our painters are people you can trust in and around your home and will treat you with respect during your interactions. Our painters show up on time and stay on your project until it is done. Their work ethic allows them to focus on the job while maintaining a pleasant friendly environment. Our painters are one of the most important pieces of our company and they help set us apart from our competition.